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Complete Commercial And Residential Solar Systems

Smart Thermal Energy Saving System

We at Terawatt Energies Private Limited are pleased to introduce an innovative and path breaking product Hybrid Smart Thermal Solar Panel which when integrated with the Air Conditioning System makes it a Smart energy saving system.

Terawatt SunTrac Smart Thermal Solar Panel can be connected and integrated with your existing system and can be easily connected to any of the New Air conditioners with Package/Split Units, Mini/Multi Split Units, Chiller Systems and Energy Recovery Units and it can be compatible with most high efficient HVAC equipment like: Variable Speed, Multi-Stage and VRV / VRF Systems

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We along with our partners entered into a technical collaboration with SunTrac, USA, for manufacturing STS panels in India.

  • Save 25% TO 40% Electricity
  • ROI of 24 TO 36 Months
  • 95%Space Saving Compared To PVPannels
  • 5 Year Warranty On HTS Pannel

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Providing Value To Our Clients Through Ongoing Product & Innovation.

Construction of Collector Case completely is made of Aluminium sheet enclosure, Copper pipes & S.S screws covered with Tempered plate glass at the top with concentrators of extruded Aluminium reflectors, Metalized aluminium foil mirror focusing heat energy on copper pipe coated with black selective solar paint Absorptive 0.92/0.96, emissivity.

2/.4 and it has two shaded phototransistors and brushless stepper motor. 12 VAC. It works on 20 VAC supply with negligible consumption

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